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From the moment your pet walks through the door, they are in a safe place. Hound Hacienda has two gated doors in the front to prevent any accidental "escapes". Not that there is much of a reason to leave anyway as you will see by the photos below...



The main Living Room of the house is one of the favorite places for the dogs to relax. Complete with sofas to sit on, beds to sleep on, and toys to play with!



Through the Living Room is the Kitchen, Family Room and Feeding Room. Again, more fun places to explore, relax, and play.



Sometimes dogs need a bit of seclusion from all the activity so a private room is always open should your dog want more peace and quiet.



Active dogs need to relax now and then too. There are plenty of places through the Hound Hacienda for this too!



Here is where your four-legged family member will enjoy their meals while you are away. Should they have special dietary needs, we are more than equipped to handle them.



There is easy access for your dog to use the backyard for "potty breaks" as needed through doggie-doors. There are even beds outside for them to enjoy the outdoors also.



A spacious 1/4 acre backyard provides ample room for them to stretch their legs and play in the great outdoors too!



The entire Hound Hacienda property is designed with your dog's needs in mind. Their stay will consist of hours of TLC and attention that no other boarding facility can offer. For more details on house-sitting, please click here.


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